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Shoplang 2.0

The original SHOPLANG project (www.shoplang.eu) was aimed at promoting the benefits of language learning in general and the less widely used and taught European languages in particular. It was focused on Bulgarian, Dutch, Greek, Lithuanian, Maltese and Swedish. The project used the informal environment of the supermarkets in order to provoke interest in the 6 target languages and help people develop some partial language skills in understanding basic information in …Read More

Gr8 Parents

The project “Learning key Competences at Home”, abbreviated as “Gr8 Parents” is an innovative initiative which connects three different social groups by means ofeducational and cultural approaches: the parents, their kids and the kindergartens, aswell as four EU Member States (Greece, Latvia, Romania and Slovenia). Within itstwo-year lifetime, the project promotes the less well-known European Framework ofKey Competences for Lifelong Learning and manages to train parents, who alreadyact as a …Read More